Beyond the Classroom: Livio Bolzon

One of the most exciting moments at RPMS is when a graduate returns to our community to share their journey after leaving our nest. High school and college students often come back to visit their teachers and classrooms to check-in. These visits are accompanied by conversations about their newest experiences, often prefaced by “I really found it helpful that at RPMS we …”.

Rogers Park Montessori students build a broad set of tools to support future educational experiences. Whether referring to specific academic lessons, problem-solving strategies, tools used to manage time, or the comfortable and open relationships with the adults around them, the message is clear, RPMS helps set the stage for future success.

The Montessori process supports executive functioning and time management from a very young age at Rogers Park Montessori School,” explains Flavia Yamamoto-Nicolucci, Children’s House Head Teacher. “The environment is prepared beautifully, the materials are displayed and carefully organized, and lessons are taken very seriously, sending the message that organization and time management is important to learning.

Each step in a lesson given by a teacher to a student was carefully thought out and designed by Maria Montessori. For example, when presenting the lesson on sandpaper letters, even the child’s position next to the teacher, including which side of the teacher the child is on, is part of the process,” says Flavia, whose own daughter, an RPMS alumnae, is now a college student. In fact, Giuliana’s experience led Flavia to pursue her Montessori Training.

"The ritual of these teacher presentations and the student’s interaction with works, happening over and over, creates a space where children can learn to take each step in learning with attention to details, which they can carry with them throughout their education, and beyond.

Through lessons and the three years spent with teachers, students build lasting relationships. We are so glad to welcome these students back and to get to know them as adults. Like Giuliana and Livio, our doors are open and our hearts are full with gratitude for having shared in these lives.

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